DGrade: Empowering Organizations to Achieve Sustainability Goals

DGrade: Empowering Organizations to Achieve Sustainability Goals

DGrade's closed-loop solutions and employee engagement programs are geared toward helping businesses achieve their sustainability objectives

As the international community gears up for the 28th annual Conference of Parties (COP28), businesses around the world are looking for ways to show their dedication to sustainability and highlight their accomplishments.

This is where DGrade is leveraging today’s resources for a better tomorrow. DGrade's closed-loop solutions, employee engagement programs, and educational initiatives are geared toward helping businesses achieve their sustainability objectives.

The products and services are tailored to help companies of all sizes and sectors overcome environmental obstacles, achieve sustainability goals, and contribute to the UAE's Vision for a Sustainable Future.

Innovative Recycling Technology

Greenspun™️ technology, developed by DGrade, is central to the commitment to sustainability, allowing the creation of high-quality, eco-friendly textiles from recycled plastic bottles.

The revolutionary process is the basis for eco-friendly uniforms, apparel, and accessories. Greenspun™️ exemplifies innovation through R&D, giving an alternative for the products found in the daily workings of an organization.

Collaboration With Industry Leaders

DGrade understands the value of teamwork in bringing about global transformation. They maintain robust relationships with influential figures in the retail, hospitality, production, and events industries.

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Through these collaborations, DGrade works with organizations to understand their sustainability challenges and create solutions to help them have the greatest possible positive impact on the environment.

Supporting Government Sustainability Efforts

DGrade is committed to helping the government's efforts to reduce plastic waste and increase sustainability. In doing so, it contributes to the realization of the COP28 goals and the UAE Vision by helping to close the gap between private and public sector action and plays a direct role in reducing waste to landfill. 

DGrade's Comprehensive Closed-Loop Solutions

Compared to traditional polyester yarn production, DGrade's Greenspun™️ technology offers significant environmental benefits, making it a perfect fit with the goals of COP28, the Year of Sustainability, and the UAE Vision.

Greenspun™️ is making strides toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable future by repurposing plastic bottles into fabric.

To aid businesses in their pursuit of sustainability, DGrade provides a novel, comprehensive solution. Here are some of the things it excels at:

  • Supplying Greenspun™️ Uniforms, Clothing, and Accessories: DGrade provides a closed-loop solution for  plastic by upcycling it into Greenspun™uniforms, clothing, and accessories.. By reusing plastic bottles that would have ended up in landfills, the production of Greenspun™️ textiles contributes to the reduction of plastic waste.. Greenspun™️also  uses 50% less energy and 20% less water during production than conventional polyester yarn. By encouraging sustainable production practices that drastically cut back on the use of these vital resources, DGrade is helping to achieve the goals of COP28 and the UAE Vision.

  • Recycled Packaging Solutions: DGrade collaborates with packaging manufacturers to provide them with sustainable content for developing environmentally friendly packaging, resulting in recycled packaging solutions to support  a circular. The recycled plastic flake that DGrade supplies uses 50% less energy, 80% less water and produces 55% fewer carbon emissions compared to producing virgin plastic polymers. .

  • Simply Bottles Recycling Initiative: Through its Simply Bottles recycling initiative, DGrade has partnered with numerous groups to increase the number of plastic bottles recycled. DGrade aids companies in closing the loop and reducing their environmental impact by  converting the recycled plastic bottles into new products.

  • Preserving Finite Resources: Greenspun™️ technology and DGrade's recycled plastic flake eliminate the need for oil, a non-renewable resource, unlike traditional production methods. DGrade's dedication to long-term sustainability requires that we use fewer non-renewable resources, and this novel approach demonstrates that commitment.

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions: Compared to conventional polyester yarn production, Greenspun™️ technology generates 55% fewer carbon emissions. DGrade is helping the world meet the lofty goals of COP28 and other environmental practices by cutting down on its own greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Employee Education and Engagement: DGrade provides seminars, workshops, and events to educate and retain talent on recycling programs, closed-loop systems, and sustainability in order to drive long-term change. Businesses can make significant, long-lasting strides toward their sustainability objectives if they promote a culture of environmental awareness and action.

Showcasing Sustainability Achievements For COP28

With DGrade's all-encompassing sustainability strategy, businesses are in a strong position to show off their accomplishments in the field at COP28. Businesses that work with DGrade are capable of proving the following:

  • Employee participation in sustainable initiatives

  • Integration of plastic recycling campaigns with success and the overall number of plastic recycled

  • Sustainable sourcing, emphasizing the quantifiable impact on plastic waste diversion, carbon emission reduction, energy conservation, water conservation, and oil savings

Lastly, to combat climate change, DGrade is committed to assisting businesses in meeting their sustainability objectives.

For companies that want to make an impact with their sustainability practices and showcase their accomplishments during COP28 and beyond, DGrade is the ideal partner, thanks to its closed-loop solutions, community  engagement, and recycling initiatives. 

"Let's work together towards a greener future and create a better world for generations to come," the company executives stated.

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