Sustainable Fine Jewellery Brand Etika Jewels Launches in UAE

Sustainable Fine Jewellery Brand Etika Jewels Launches in UAE

The lab-grown diamonds used are free from conflict, child labour or unsafe working conditions

Etika Jewels is an online jewellery store that offers everyday modern jewellery designs made from gold and ethical diamonds and gemstones.

Having recently launched in the UAE, the brand provides consumers with beautiful, ethical, mindful, and affordable diamond and gold jewellery alternatives that aim to raise ethical standards in the diamond industry.

As the name suggests, lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds created in a different environment: inside of a lab.

They are physically and chemically identical to their mined counterpart, just more ethical, which makes them practically indistinguishable from their mined counterparts.

They are also entirely free from conflict, child labour or unsafe working conditions, as they are ethically produced using specialised technology in controlled laboratory.

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Etika Jewels’ ongoing commitment to conscious luxury is reflected every step of the way: 100% digital brand, minimal stock, eco-friendly packaging material and vegan leather jewellery boxes.

The founder of Etika Jewels, Basma Chaieri, had the idea of a lab grown sustainable jewellery brand a few years back, after watching a documentary about diamonds and the inside workings of the diamonds industry.

After a couple of years working at EXPO 2020 Dubai, she was inspired by the numerous initiatives around sustainability at the Expo which encouraged her to take a leap of faith.

“After 12 years in the digital travel industry, I decided to step out of my comfort and realize my big dream: create a business with an impact, a business that will make a difference. So, I went back to being a student again and learned about carbon chemistry, diamonds, and gemmology," Chaieri said.

“Through Etika Jewels® we make diamond jewellery more accessible to women and we give to customers real value for their money. We provide them with the utmost care and experience and the confidence that our diamonds are real and free from any conflict,” she further adds.

By creating sustainable diamond and gold jewellery with the purpose of beautiful products making a beautiful impact, Etika Jewels® offers a unique way to contribute to ethical fashion.

Lab-grown diamonds reduce the diamond industry's environmental impact and educate society on the benefits of choosing responsible luxury.

With market demand for lab-grown diamonds being propelled by a growing eco-conscious population, the online jewellery retailer aspires to make the world a better place, one stone at a time.

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