Upcycling Waste into Conscious Fashion

Upcycling Waste into Conscious Fashion

ESG and female-supportive enterprise engages with the UAE and wider GCC market ahead of the COP28

Transforming plastic waste into beautiful products for a greener future is the mission behind Cairo, Egypt, based women-owned slow fashion brand, Up-fuse.

Launched in 2013, the eco-consciousbrand has built a credible global reputation for its social mission and is eager to engage the UAE market with its edgy, upcycled accessories and streetwear with direct-to-customer delivery.

Inspired by a passion to reuse disposed plastic and other waste in Egypt, the founders were committed to making a powerful impact in the community through recycling and social initiatives and vigilantly worked on abusiness concept built on producing goods using only recycled, sustainable materials.

A workshop and design studio were built to facilitate the production side, while collaborations with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) cement the firm’s ongoing social cause and commitment to local females and migrants from different parts of the Middle East.

Beyond the concept of women supporting women, such operations revolutionize traditional handicraft talent and also support women’s mental well-being and a sense of purpose.

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Alongside the UAE’s regional economic and political stature, the country is setting benchmarks across the sustainability sector making it a core geography for purpose-driven MENA enterprises.

Up-fuse is determined to be a part of the current narrative around waste management and viable environmental choices in the UAE as the country continues to evolve and maintain its regional leadership position.

Yara Yassin, Co-Founder,of Up-fuse said: "Ecologically sound businesses are not far-fetched concepts but rather a necessity. Growing up in Egypt, Lama and I would see trash on our beautiful shores and throughout different towns, which, unfortunately, became a constant.

"We wanted to be active participants in changing mindsets but also knew the community needed to physically see the transformation.

"This was the driving factor of Up-fuse’s mission to reduce waste through production, resulting in a lead-by-showing approach that also allowed us to engage on a social level, vastly attributing to our success in Egypt but also globally."

Having already engaged with the UAE market through international shipping, the conscious brand has established a local distribution channel, supporting its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, whilst directly engaging with customers.

Now, UAE residents can order one-of-a-kind bags, accessories, and more designed with purpose and a fashionable edge.

Whether it’s a passport holder for a work trip, day-to-night bags for festivals, footwear for summer getaways, or accessories for daily errands, Up-fuse has something for everyone.

Some of the essentials include Bum Bags, Cross Bags, Tote Bags, Wallets, Passport Holders, Footwear, and Laptop Sleeves. Boasting bold pops of colour and modern design, every product promises to be a statement piece and is a true must-have.

Yara added: "During the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27), Up-fuse had the privilege to showcase our firm and provide upcycled goods as a verified supplier, which segued into opportunities to scale production and to evolve as a regional leader in this space.

"With that, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to focus operations within the UAE as the regional powerhouse continues to set the stage for the Arab world on a global stage and has leadership genuinely committed to economic and social sustainability."

Going above and beyond, Up-fuse creates jobs within the community through its work with local NGOs in Egypt to source waste materials from old tires, plastic bags, and bottles and then upcycles them into durable and stylish products.

After recycling over 1 million plastic bags, 400,000 bottles, and 400 tires, Up-fuse continues to achieve various milestones.

With sustainable packaging as an added factor, Up-fuse products are built for life. Customers can support a cause and shop their favorite picks with prices starting from AED 40 directly from Up-fuse's website. In addition to UAE order fulfillment, Up-fuse ships worldwide.

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