KAFD and MAEE Sign a MoU to Collaborate on Water Efficiency

KAFD and MAEE Sign a MoU to Collaborate on Water Efficiency

KAFD and MAEE will also engage in data sharing and information exchange

King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), Saudi Arabia, has signed a cooperation agreement with the National Water Efficiency and Conservation Centre (MAEE), with the aim of working towards developing and improving its water efficiency.

The signing ceremony was attended by Gautam Sashittal, the CEO of KAFD and the General Manager and Acting CEO of MAEE, Abdulaziz Bin Moither.

As part of the agreement, the MAEE will work with KAFD to improve the efficiency of its water systems.

KAFD and MAEE will also share data and information exchange and organise joint workshops, training courses and advisory services.

The collaboration strengthens KAFD’s position as a global leader in sustainable business and lifestyle.

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Sustainability is a top priority for KAFD – it is the largest platinum-level LEED-certified neighbourhood in the world – and water efficiency is a crucial aspect of that sustainability.

The two parts of the agreement are also committed to raise the public awareness regarding water conservation for the urban, agricultural, and industrial purposes.

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